THe MiLLions UNsaid

A million words inside me ,

A million words to say .

A million times I dream ,

Few times they come to play .

A million paths , ways I see

The way Leads to yOu ,

I foresee .

To say it or not ,

Now or before

Or to say it sOme otHer way .

Again a million words inside me

OnLy few finds Its way .

Day by day , hour by hour ,

My mind gOes into tHe darkness

WHere nO one laughs and prays ,

JUst me and my soul

Stays there with a shadow of grey

No voice can escape ,

No pleasure can peNetrate .

My space in the darKer me ,

Is sleeping Inside Me and say ,

Says a million words a day

To all and the self ;

Ask wHere is you , Me Myself

Who is she , who dreams a lot a day

When she expresses ,

Only few words to say .

next day ,

More words , more thoughts ,

And all unsaid ……………..

©Sakshi Mishra



  1. Effectiveⅼy ⅼike Mommy said, once we love eacdh other annd love the world that Jesjs died for,
    that?ѕ a form of worshiρ. After we think about God and listen to
    thе sermon or in Sunday School, that?ѕ a mеthod of
    worshipping because were learning how ɡreat God is and He
    likes that. Or when we sit round and inform each other
    what the greatest issues about Goⲟd are. Yoս know the way much you like listening to people say
    how god or cute ʏou boys are? Well God likes when we discuss together
    abot how nice he is.? Daddy answered.

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