#DAY2 : The Three DAYs , Three Quotes Challenge .

So yes , I’m back and this is #DAY2 of the “Three Days , Three Quotes Challenge .” What can be more pleasing than this beautiful morning and an inspirational maybe be a creative quote to start our day . Good Morning everyone and hope you will all have great fun experiences today .

Thank you Earth Walking for giving me this opportunity to participate in such a fun challenge . Sharing my favorite quotes to the world , each consecutive day . I know all my readers are very smart and have read lots of good content . But you know what don’t miss out even a bit of this amazing blogger’s work .

Here is the link , and make sure you do checkout his blog …Earth Walking

Are we ready , for the quote of the #DAY2

By Oscar Wilde ,

” I can resist anything , except temptation .”

This is the best quote that can reflect a personality like me .

Is there any quote that you feel reflects your persona ???

Don’t forget to share with us .

My nominations are :

1) Dynamic Philosophies

2) The Scribblings

3) Aditi’s ways

Congratulations to all the nominees and do read the awesome work of these amazing writers .

Rules are :

1) Thank the person who nominates you .

2) post three quotes , consecutively three days .

3) Nominate three bloggers each day .

* No specified timeline to respond .

* No compulsion to participate .

* But do check out these three awesome bloggers here .

ยฉ Sakshi Mishra


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