THE MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD : bloggers Appreciation : (01/07/2018)

I’m really happy and thankful to Zenobia for adding this new flower “The Mystery Blogger Award” to my tiara . And lots of love to all my readers who are patient enough to read my not-so-funny jokes .

If you are too a book lover and keep looking for the great books to get your hands on , you should definitely checkout some book suggestions . I can guarantee you can weigh your future reads on her blog . Just grab a view here The Purple Orchid 💜 .

And do not forget to leave a like , comment , share and follow up for latest book suggestions .

The Mystery Blogger Award was created by Okoto Enigma . Thank you for creating this award and I’m glad to pass on this legacy to some awesome bloggers .

Now answers to the questionnaire :

1] For how long have you been blogging and why did you get into it ?

Just the thought of writing on my own terms and conditions and having my own space was enough to grab my will for it . Now it’s been 9 days and seven months where on 22 November , I published my first post “Millions Unsaid“.

As the line goes in it like ,

“Million Words inside me ,

Million words to say .”

My blog is here for those million unsaid words . To unleash the tie of consciousness and let them fly across the oceans .

2] My fondest childhood memory ?

I guess everyone can relate to this one . Watching favorite cartoon with my elder sister for hours . Courage the Cowardly the Dog , Johny Bravo , Mr.Beans , Hannah Montana , Wizards of Waverly Place and I know I can’t stop ..So will one day publish a post about only this .

3] Everybody has a travel bucket list. What are your top 5 places you want to visit and why?

Now let me start it one by one :

A) Reykjavik , ICELAND

Yes , I want to visit the World’s Best Natural light show ever . I’m talking about the Auroros or we can say the Northern Lights .

B) Paris , FRANCE

Bonjour a tous !!! This one was special for my French pals as I’m trying to learn French these days . And I can count this as my preparation to visit France soon but though not sooner .

In Paris specifically I want to visit Louvre highly motivated by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code . And I’m really curious to visit the Louvre Pyramid .

C) Freiburg , GERMANY

Black Forest Gateau , the original , authentic Black Forest Gateau in the Black Forest itself .Yes the prominent Black Forest cake gets its name from the “Black Forest” in Germany . The location is also nearby to many vineyards , again a cherry on the top . Even the Forest is famous for Brothers Grimm Fairytales . So who doesn’t want to be in a fairyland at least once a lifetime .

D) Bunol , SPAIN

What can I say about Spain now ??

Maybe some tomatoes🍅🍅 will do the job . With all ecstaticism I’m talking about “La Tomatina” Festival . Being my favorite fruit plus vegetable (still confused what is it just like course books too are) “The Tomatina Festival” is like a dream come true . And no truer than this that “The Tomatina is the Tomatoes the Biggest fights.” ( Yes I’m mimicking it same way Farhan Akhtar does in ZNMD😂)


Bali is known as the “Island of Gods” and where God resides , that place is known as heaven . So my choice for this place is quite obvious that I want to visit an earthly heaven .

4] If given a chance, would you go back in time and live your life all over again?

Noways . It would be just like losing all lives in mario or any game and you have to start all over again . Fingers crossed , don’t bless me God with this kind of insanity .

5] Name one thing that you would like to change in the world?

Over cementation . I know you all got my point .

Now three things about myself :

1) my interests : dance , blog , novels , Netflix , photography , content creation , law of attraction follower and on a continuous quest for more and more knowledge .

2) Personality : ambivert , ambitious , dreamer , all hopes all times , always ready for experiences and more for experiments , enthusiastic , out-spoken and fun-spirited .

My brain : factory of ideas and follow only my own will .

3) These days : currently I’m planning to go self-hosted and start my journey for youtube as well .

Now my questions for the nominations :

1) If you are humty than who is the Dumpty of your blogging life ?

2) The best part of blogging you love to do each and every time ?

3) Share your favorite apps/tools you like or prefer best for blogging ?

4) If you have to choose between one , unlimited Netflix subscription or all the best selling novels than what will be your choice ?

5) If Dan Brown is going to take you as the protagonist in his novel , than what different profession will you choose rather than what you are now (previous eg : symbologist , Noetic Scientist et cetera )

My Nominations are :

😃 Lena Deexo 💜💜

😃 Lady Like Lavender 💚💚

😃 MUMMY Thomas Blog 💜💜

😃 Dandswords 💚💚


😃 Brown Sugar Cafe 💚💚

😃 Saving Joyfully 💜💜

😃 Sadie B 💚💚

😃 My Little Brittle Universe 💜💜

😃 Daily Gold Rose 💚💚

😃 Journey Of Life Continues 💜💜

Congratulations to all 🙌🙌 the nominations and hope so you all will like the questionnaire . 😃😃


1. Add the awards logo to your blog ,
2. List the rules ,
3. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them ,
4. Mention the award creator and link to them ,
5. List 3 things about yourself ,
6. Answer the questions your nominator asked ,
7. Share a link to your best post/posts ,
8. Nominate 10-20 people and notify them ,
9. List your 5 questions for them to answer in their posts .

💗 I hope that this post is a fun ride for you as was for me to write . Stay tuned as I will be back next Wednesday with yet another post to tingle the memories and to create new ones 💗

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